I study voting behavior and political competition in representative democracies with a special focus on how social identity relationships influence citizens' choices. My work lies at the intersection of Political Economy, Political Behavior, Experimental Methods, and Political Psychology.
In my research I build on strategic and behavioral theories of voting and implement experiments to analyze how individuals evaluate their politicians' performance, when they discriminate in favor of their social group, how they make redistributive allocation decisions, or how they coordinate their choices with their peers when forming electoral coalitions.

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Do Citizens Make Inferences from Political Candidate Characteristics When Aiming for Substantive Representation? (with Sveinung Arnesen and Mikael Johannesson)
Electoral Studies, forthcoming
[Paper] [Supplemental Appendix] [Replication Files]

Social Identity and Electoral Accountability (with Dimitri Landa)
American Journal of Political Science, 59 (3), 2015
[Paper] [Supplemental Appendix] [Replication Files]

Which Parties Can Lead Opinion? Experimental Evidence on Partisan Cue Taking in Multiparty Democracies (with Ted Brader and Joshua Tucker)
Comparative Political Studies, 46(11), 2013
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Book Chapters

Experimental Research Design in the Study of Electoral Systems (with Joshua Tucker)
prepared for the Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems, edited by Erik Herron, Robert Pekkanen, Matthew Shugart, 2017

Working papers

Divide or Alienate: Effects of Social Identity Appeals in Electoral Competition
[Paper] [Data]

Social Heterogeneity and its Ambiguous Effect on Preferences for Redistribution
[Paper] [Data]

Determinants of Discrimination in Strategic Settings (with Dimitri Landa)
[Paper] [Data]

The Link between Partisan Voting and Polarized Social Identity (with Justin Valasek)

Work in Progress

Alleviating Discrimination (with Dimitri Landa)

Upward Representation Bias: How Voters Sustain Political Inequality (with Sveinung Arnesen, Mikael Johannesson, and Yvette Peters)

Central bank communication and public opinion on economic indicators (with Nicole Baerg)

Strategic uncertainty and group bias (with Catherine Hafer and Dimitri Landa)

Social Identity and the Attribution of Blame (with Daniel Müller)

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